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Pay Less for your Wedding Dress! Our inexpensive wedding dresses won't break the bank. All Bridal Store has it's own brand and also offers designer gowns such as Mary's Bridal.

Don't want to buy a gown, you can rent your wedding gown at All Bridal Store in Hollywood. You will also find all the Wedding Accessories you need for your special day, including guest books, ring bearer pillows, toasting flutes, tiaras, jewelry and much more. Come visit our Bridal Shop in Hollywood Florida, serving all of South Florida including Broward County, Dade County and The Palm Beaches. Even if you are looking for a bridal shop in miami we are worth the drive.

All Bridal Store also offers Quinceanera dresses and Quinceanera dress rental.

Wedding Dress shopping tip: When shopping for a wedding dress be sure to wear a bra similar to what you would wear on your wedding day (padding or no padding), this will make it easier for you and the bridal shop when it comes to alterations. You should also bring the shoes that you are going to wear or at least shoes with the same height that you are planning on wearing. Also try to avoid makeup if you will be trying on dresses, most bridal shops will ask you to remove it so that the wedding dresses are not stained

QT: Wedding Dress Shopping Tip:

Determine your budget and stick with it. When searching for your dress online make sure to search by price, if at a bridal salon, make sure you tell them you only want to see dresses in your price range. Don''t even look at bridal gowns that are not within your budget. this will help avoid you falling in love with a Wedding Dress you cannot afford and will save you some heartache.

Q: Who pays for the Bridesmaid Dresses?

Brides often have the question about who should be paying for the bridesmaids dresses. It is expected that the bridesmaids pay for their dress as part of their duties. If the bride decides and can afford to pay for the dresses, then that is a nice treat to the bridesmaids.

If the maids will be paying for the dresses be considerate of the price that they would have to pay. Remember that not everyone has the same financial situation.

Q: Should you Rent a Wedding Dress?

You're thinking why buy a wedding dress just to wear it one day instead of renting the dress.

Nowadays you can find very inexpensive wedding dresses online, but if you still cannot afford or just don't want to buy a wedding dress, than consider renting it. Look for a formal wear rental store in your city. A wedding dress rental will come at a fraction of the cost of buying a new dress.

We Rent wedding dresses and Quinceanera dresses in Hollywood Fl, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. We also rent wedding veils and other accessories for your wedding.