Ways of Preventing Stretch Marks

The skin can stretch to accommodate changes in body size, mainly due to fluctuation in weight, pregnancy, and muscle gain. If this happens too quickly, the elastic and collagen tissues found in the skin might break, hence stretch marks. They normally appear as pink, purple, or red lines. After some time, when blood vessels heal, these lines fade becoming less noticeable. It is estimated that around 80 per cent of the entire population has had stretch marks. They are common during pregnancy since there are rapid developments in the body. To get the best creams to reduce and prevent stretch marks, you can visit https://observer.com/2021/01/best-stretch-mark-creams/ and choose the suitable one for you.

Here are some ways of preventing stretch marks:

Keeping the Body Hydrated

stay hydratedBy drinking enough water, the skin is kept soft and hydrated. Soft skin does not develop stretch marks frequently like dry skin. Medical experts recommend daily water intake of 72 ounces for women and 104 ounces for men. Taking beverages that contain caffeine, like coffee, could increase the risk of developing stretch marks. It is advisable to balance out the drinks with a lot of water or herbal tea.

Eating Nutrients-Packed Foods

eat nutrient rich foodsBy lacking enough nutrition in certain areas, stretch marks can occur. You should eat food that boosts the health of the skin. Ensure you take enough vitamins, Zink, and protein. One way to ensure that your body gets the various nutrients is by choosing unprocessed food with different colors. For example, a breakfast of whole-wheat toast, eggs, and mixed berries adds colors to the plate.

Controlling the Body Weight

This is one of the most helpful things that can be done to prevent stretch marks, whether pregnant or not. It can happen when the skin pulls apart quickly due to rapidly gaining weight or during a rapid loss in weight. Growth spurts during puberty can also contribute. Others like bodybuilders can notice them after attaining big gains from using steroids or workouts. Therefore, one should work to control rapid changes in the body from happening and eating healthy diets and exercising to manage weight.

Taking a Lot of Vitamin D

In a study, it was found that there is a relationship between low intake of vitamin D and the occurrence of stretch marks. Although there is a need for more research, the results suggested that when a healthy level of vitamin D is maintained, stretch marks are reduced. The easiest way to get vitamin D is by exposure to the sun. This vitamin is also available in cereals, bread, and dairy products like yogurt and milk.



Skincare as a Wedding Souvenir? Is it In or Out?

Putting time and thought into your guests’ skincare can be one of the best gifts you can give them, and they will appreciate this thought, especially those who don’t know the difference between essence and toner. Whether you give away a wellness capsule or a cream mask in the smartest packaging, give them an experience of radiant luxury.


You Can Customize It

bottle bentonite flower

Skincare has a wide variety of ingredients that you can choose from, and you can go as natural as possible, like honey scrub with your favorite aroma or scent on it. You can select from soap, lotion, scrub, or body oil that you can give as a favor to your guests.


It is Something that Your Guest Can Use

When choosing wedding gifts, a great strategy is to pick something practical that your guests can use. This wedding favor deserves the spotlight of the event, so give it to your guests to commemorate the occasion. It is the perfect gift for any wedding couple who want to stir up the guests on their actual wedding day. They will remember your wedding day whenever they use it.


It is Practical

If you’re looking for a favor your guests will love, there’s nothing wrong with skincare. As a fantastic gift for guests, this treat can tickle their senses, starting from the aroma, the feels of the lotions (in case you decided to give one), and the display bottle that is incorporated into your special event. What makes it great: Who doesn’t love a specially designed bottle of perfume with an exclusive monogram?


Wellness Inspired Gift

Jump on the wellness mood board for inspiration and name and personalize your gifts using the printable labels as soon as you decide on the perfect preference. You can add a special message to each gift, such as a message of love, love of life, or even love of your wedding day. Use your wedding as an opportunity to adorn yourself with a spirit-imported scent to make a statement. While each bottle has a unique heritage and history, perfumes and fragrances make great wedding gifts and memorable souvenirs.


Bottom Line

Fruity, woody, flowery, chypre, and Fougere together form the fragrances, which are made great with a combination of olive oil, honey, vanilla, and a lavender hint. These scents will be forever remind you, as well as the rest of your guests, of your wedding day.

How to Follow The Latest Beauty and Fashion Trends

Since the ancient time, trends in every aspect of life has continuously changed. This includes fashion and beauty, one of the most talked-about trends with millions of followers around the globe. It is true that these trends have acted as a beauty standard that has to be followed to look stylish and up-to-date. It is also true that many people, both men and women, have been striving to do anything to be the ones with the trend-setter label on their lines of clothing. However, if people look at such a phenomenon from a different perspective, they will soon be aware that those beauty and fashion trends are not exactly for everyone.


make up brushes in two containers


There are also people with different taste in beauty and fashion that do not follow the majority of the people. This will soon make two options. First, to be the ones in the mainstream wave following all the beauty and fashion standards. Two, to be the ones that go against the mainstream culture instead. Thus, if you opt to be the first kind of group, this article provides you information about how you can exactly be the person that those standards want.

Information Updates

Many people seem to be willing to go all in deep and spend thousands of dollars to stay updated about the latest beauty and fashion trends. Fashion magazines subscription and watching celebrity news are the two most common things to do by those trends follower. This, indeed, is the easiest way of getting as much information as possible. The goal, then, is to set up the desired look based on what they see in those information sources.

Diet Programs

aerial view of daily clothingsSometimes, beauty requires its followers to follow a particular way of living. The main aim for this is the slimmer and leaner looking. That is true. The majority of the people still associate being thinner and leaner with beauty. Moreover, most of the in-style lines of clothing provide only the specific sizes and give no chance for those whose dimensions are considered ‘too big to fit’. The sad truth about it is that those people will do absolutely anything to get in shape. If you are one of these people, please make sure that the diet programs that you choose will not bring any harm to you. Another option for this is to seek help from professionals. Bunch of options is available such as SculpSure in NYC that will help you get rid of that stubborn fat in your body.